The Gift of Inconvenience

I have learned something over the last year that has really changed my perspective on how approach to everyday life.  And that is this:

Inconvenience is a gift from God.

Yes! The inconveniences of life are beautiful opportunities provided to us for the purpose of shaping us in the nature and character of Jesus.

How we respond to the inconveniences of life can either help shape us into His likeness a little more or we could respond in a way that does not align with the will of God, and ultimately miss an opportunity to grow.  It all comes down to the submission of our will to His will.

I challenge you to begin looking at inconvenience as a gift from God and to use this as an indicator for how you will respond.  Because at the end of the day it all boils down to whether or not we were obedient to His Will.  Let us be a people who face every inconvenience from a humble position of “not my will Lord, but yours be done.”