Early History

In the early 1920’s a group of believers were meeting in a home in Lansdowne, just outside Philadelphia in Delaware County.

They sent delegates to Wales to learn about the Apostolic Church, which has its origins in the Great Welsh Revival of 1904. Wales was transformed by revival, and the Apostolic Church was formed after World War I.

In 1927, an Apostolic Church congregation was organized in East Lansdowne, and eventually relocated to Philadelphia in 1955. A large number of members commuted from the Delaware County area and, in 1977, a new congregation was formed to serve these members.

Incorporated as Church of the Good Shepherd in 1980, Cornerstone Christian Church is affiliated with Apostolic networks around the world. We have maintained an active ministry in Delaware County and surrounding areas, and also support missions in many different countries.

Recent History

In 1997, Philip Underwood and his family traveled across the world from New Zealand to pastor a church in a suburb of Philadelphia. For 17 years, Pastor Phil has successfully led Cornerstone through multiple seasons of change and has laid the foundation for where we are today. He continues to serve Cornerstone as an Elder and focuses his effort on developing leaders of the next generation. Prior to America, Phil was the Superintendent of the Apostolic Churches in New Zealand.

In the Spring of 2014, Cornerstone Christian Church became affiliated with Elim Fellowship after years of building strong friendships with other Pastors in the Elim Network.

In the Fall of 2014, Pastor Philip led Cornerstone through a transition of leadership and handed over the Lead Pastor’s position to Ryan Reese. Pastor Ryan continues to lead Cornerstone forward into the 21st century.